Lauren Alexis spices up her feed with THIS new post

Lauren Alexis

Instagram model, Lauren Alexis, took to the platform on Tuesday with a brand new post for her followers. She shared a photo of her sporting a casual outfit, consisting of some bold, blue skinny jeans, a cropped white t-shirt, and a pair of white Nike trainers.

The model can be seen kneeling on a dirt path, arching her back as she holds her long brunette locks above her head, showing off the toned curves of her body. The white top settles loosely over her chest as it is raised ever so slightly by her pose, which is contrasted by her tight-fitting jeans. The subtle light from the white sky peaking past the trees in the background envelops the picture and highlights the tips of her luscious waves.

Lauren shoots the camera a soft look over her shoulder, leaving her fans wanting more, and accentuating her extremely subtle makeup that flaunts her natural beauty. Adding to her relaxed outfit, the model opted not to wear any accessories, allowing for more attention to be drawn to her flawless figure and highlighting the effortless atmosphere created in the photo.

The post earned well over 82,000 likes in just under a day of it being up and received more than 700 comments from her admiring followers as they shared their thoughts with the influencer.

One commenter expressed their love for the snap and Lauren's stunning allure, noting that she looked "Beautiful", a remark that was supported by many other users, including one that mentioned that the model looked "fine as hell".

The British Instagrammer took to the caption, asking her fans to tell her their "favorite accent" in the comments below the post.

One follower answered with "Aussie", while many others cheekily wrote that their favorite accent was "Whatever [Lauren's] is".

However, one fan ignored the caption and jokingly stated that they "feel insulted on behalf of [the model's] white shoes" that lay in the dirt as she posed in the photo. Lauren replied, admitting that "they did get dirty", but all of her followers could agree that the snap was beautiful regardless.

The post was geo-tagged in London, United Kingdom, where the model is socially distancing as lockdown draws to a close in the UK.