Lauren Alexis Poses Playfully With Unusual Items

Lauren Alexis

British Instagram model, Lauren Alexis, shared a brand new post on Wednesday to her many followers. She can be seen sporting a casual look made up of a translucent white sports bra and a pair of bold, blue leggings that work together to draw attention to her flawless curves.

The small white top can be seen hugging her chest, subtly showing off her black bra underneath, and cuts off just before her middle to accentuate her effortlessly slim waist. Lauren's tight blue leggings equally highlight her toned body and drive her one million fans wild.

The UK influencer is posing at the bottom of some stairs, her right leg slightly raised to casually draw focus to her curvy derriere at the forefront of the post. She can be seen adorning a particularly light makeup look, adding to the casual, but the captivating demeanor of her outfit as she shoots the camera a cheeky tongued smile. The model's stunning brunette waves flow down her back, partially covering her face as she peeks through some of her beautifully long waves.

In the background of the snap is a set of light wooden stairs with Lauren standing right near the bottom, next to a bright window that casts the right side of the picture is a wonderful white light, highlighting Lauren's beauty. On the windowsill, multiple condiment bottles are set up, matching with the two sauce bottles she is holding in her right hand, that coincide with the question that Lauren poses in the food-related caption of the post: "Do you say fries or chips?"

Many of her followers flooded the comments to answer the question offered by the model, including one commenter who replied, "Chips duh". Another follower disputed this, stating that "Fries are the only right answer."

The hot snap earned over 85,000 likes in under 24 hours, and hundreds of comments soon after it was posted, showering Lauren with praise.

"Beautiful," one fan commented.

"Now that's hot," supported another.

Like most of Lauren Alexis' other Instagram posts, this share is geo-tagged in London, where she is spending her time as lockdown draws to a close in the UK.