Latest rumours suggest Apple's next-gen smartwatch will be released in September 2017

Apple Watch 3 is supposed to come with LTE connection, where users will be able to call using the watch without the help of the iPhone

According to a recent leak, there is a good chance that Apple is going to launch Apple Watch 3 in September this year. The information regarding the release date came from supply chain sources, which remained unnamed by Mac Rumors, who reported it.

Since the predecessor of the upcoming Apple Watch also introduced in September 2016, it is highly possible that Watch 3 will also make its debut around the same timeline. If this speculation is true, then certainly, the Watch 3 will share the limelight with the much-talked-about iPhone 8 or iPhone Edition, which is also expected to be released at the same time.

Regarding the features, Apple Watch 3 is expected to feature a better battery life than its predecessor, reported GSM Arena.

However, the most anticipated feature of the Watch 3 is going to be the LTE connectivity. Several analysts and experts have already predicted that Apple is gearing up to go cellular with this upcoming hi-tech wearable, which means that the Watch 3 users will be able to make phone calls and stream music using their device independently without the help of the iPhone.

As far as the design is concerned, Apple is rumoured to shift to glass-film touchscreen from the previous touch on lens solutions.

At the production front, Apple Watch 2 will still be available in the market following the launch of Apple's third-generation smartwatch, but Watch 2 production will be given to Compal from its current manufacturer Quanta, revealed the rumours.