Late American geophysicist warns humans about changing climate before his death


Wallace Smith Broecker, an American geophysicist, called as the grandfather of climate science, has issued a dire warning to the humankind before his death. On February 18, 2019, Wallace Smith urged 40 of the world's top climate researchers to deploy geoengineering missions like solar shields to combat the adverse effects of global warming.

As per Wallace Smith, the humankind is on the verge of facing the disastrous effects of climate change in the coming years. The scientists requested authorities and scientists to seriously consider various extreme solutions like solar shields to protect from earth.

"If we are going to prevent the planet from warming up another couple of degrees, we are going to have to go to geoengineering," said Wallace Smith Broecker, NBC News reports.

Broecker's final message was delivered to climate experts who attended a conference primarily concentrated on untested solutions to combat climate change at the first Planetary Management Symposium on Climate Engineering at Arizona State University. Even though some members who attended the conference did not agree with the radical solution put forward by Broecker, most of the scientists agreed that the idea put forward by the scientist needs further research.

This is not the first time that a top scientist has provided the idea to shield the sun to reduce global warming. A few weeks ago, a study conducted by researchers at the Harvard and Yale Universities had put forward an idea which is intended to dim the sun, so that climate change can be reversed. Researchers who took part in the study believe that blotting out the sun using chemicals could help to reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the earth.

However, many experts claimed that this method of dimming the sun will pull the earth to a state of chaos. As per these sceptics, cultivation of crops will be affected drastically if we dim the sun.