Last minute gadget gift ideas for your dear ones: Bose, Amazon, Nintendo and a lot more

Here are five out-of-the-box options to strengthen the bonds of life

The holiday season of 2019 is about to end, and 2020 is just around the corner. It is perfect to be generous for buying gifts and get your dear ones all smiling. No, we are not claiming that materialistic gifts are the only way to show your gratitude towards them. Still, a small token sometimes helps you to express your feelings for them. To make the choices easy for you, here are five out-of-the-box options to strengthen the bonds of life.

Retro style instant Polaroid camera for the Nostalgic Photography Buffs

There is nothing better than a camera to make a photography enthusiast excited. But a DSLR, Lenses or some essential accessories usually cost a bomb. Instead, you can go for a retro-style Polaroid camera.

Fujifilm instax liplay instant camera
Fujifilm Instax liplay instant camera Fujifilm

The old-school camera maker Fujifilm offers an array of Polaroid camera with a chic look. The series called Fujifilm Instax series comes for a starting price of $68 and goes up to $250. No wonder, the higher range of cameras like Instax Mini Liplay Hybrid or Mini 90 comes with advanced features like smartphone connectivity, macro photography mode and a lot more.

Reader for the Bookaholics
People who swear by books are usually fond of physical books for their physical feel, page-flipping experience and even the aroma of it. Still, we suggest you buy an eBook reader for them, and we swear, they would start loving it after a few days.

Amazon Kindle Oasis eBook reader
Amazon Kindle Oasis eBook reader Amazon

The best choice as an eBook reader, for now, is Amazon Kindle. We recommend an Amazon Paperwhite Kindle for the people on a budget. And if you have a decent budget for it, go for its expensive sibling Amazon Kindle Oasis.

Portable Console for the Gamers
Picking gifts for a gaming nerd is relatively easy. You can either choose a high-end TV-connected console like Sony PlayStation or Microsoft XBOX or a portable handheld device. PS4 and XBOX consoles offer a plethora of fantastic gaming titles and immersive gaming experience. But when it comes to portability, you either have to choose a high-end gaming smartphone or grab the latest Nintendo Switch.

nintendo switch

The Nintendo Switch features an ergonomic game controller on both sides of the display and also lets you connect to a big TV unit. It also offers gaming titles like FIFA, Zelda, Pokémon Sword and Shield and a lot more and comes available via Amazon Singapore with a starting price of S$459.

Smart Goggle for Audiophiles
A Sunglass is quite a utility fro the people across ages. It comes handy whether you visit a sunny beach or go for a snowy mountain trek. And if a pair of sunglass comes with a pair of earphones, it would be even more exciting.

Bose frames audio sunglasses
Bose frames audio sunglasses Bose

The Bose Frames precisely offer the same. It's a utility sunglass equipped with a decent earphone. The Frame is also available with interchangeable shades and cool frame designs. We are pretty sure your audiophile bae would treasure the gift. The Bose Frames come available at S$299.

Brewing kit for your beau
What can be better than gifting a fully-fledged brewing kit to any beer enthusiasts? They could enjoy the home brewing beer on a chilly evening besides learning all the elaboratenesses of beer making and the science behind the entire process.

Minibrew home brewer
Representative Image: Minibrew home brewery  machine

You can grab a beer brewing kit at amazon Singapore starting S$102. The kit includes a 2-gallon Ale kit.