From Las Vegas to UAE a lifestyle management company known as Kloudout on the Rise


2020 has taught me two things: One, money really can't buy happiness and two, you'll never catch up on lost sleep.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, I was rarely sleeping before 7 am. That is what you get when you're not just running a concierge business, but are out on the field, entertaining your clients.

Kloudout has always felt like a family. I'd like to think of myself as that one cousin everyone knows you'll have the most fun with.

Growing up in Las Vegas and earning my first few dollars as a valet-parker, I have met and befriended many high-profile athletes, celebrities, and business people, whom I was eventually able to offer great hotel and entertainment deals all around Vegas.

The word of my little deals spread like fire and soon I became the private concierge of the rich and beautiful holidaying in Vegas.

The main goal, as it is today, was to get everyone the best deal possible, no matter how deep their pockets were.

My dreams started growing exponentially with the number of my clients. Through my love for soccer, I had established a large circle of star players using my services in Vegas.

With every strange and unusual request, Kloudout started to shape into its current business model.

It went from a US based travel agency to a lifestyle management company with headquarters in both Vegas and Dubai and representatives based in the United Kingdom and Germany.

Vegas and the US are popular summer holiday destinations but as we wanted to offer an all-year-round experience, we set eyes on Europe and the Emirates.

In eight years, Kloudout went from a one-man-show to a company hosting over a hundred clients a year.

We guarantee for our clients' privacy, security and aim to fulfil all their wishes, no matter how difficult or ridiculous the requests might seem.

The trust of our clients is invaluable. When the pandemic with all its devastation hit, my heart broke for all my friends and clients who were looking forward to their best time yet.

This is when I realised that with all the wealth and stardom, their only desire was to find a minute or two of peace and quietness with their families. But no money in this world could buy it for them this year.

Most of our summer and winter bookings got canceled and we refunded each of our clients. I value my friendship and trust with them much more than the money I have lost this year.

Drastic times like these call for drastic measures. With all that free time and all those good night sleeps that I missed during normal years, I started to think about expanding Kloudout.

Having made business in the Emirates for several years and having properly lived in Dubai for a year, I started to understand the value and potential of this wonderful country.

No one does entertainment and lavishing events quite like Dubai. Our goal has been to enter the event side of things to host and cater to our clients' needs even better than before.

The openness and willingness of people in Dubai to make the business have made Kloudout grow into a lifestyle and events company with its own brand and merchandise that is recognized all across the sports and entertainment world.

We had major setbacks this year but also huge revelations since excess time and quietness allowed us to reflect and think about the far future, rather than the next pay-check.

The aim is to keep the family environment while expanding our individual offers for our clients and developing the Kloudout brand without losing our essence.

I look forward to what 2021 will bring and I won't look back at all the things we lost and failed at this year.

Money and everything you can buy with it will come and go, but real friends and family will always stay. When you have that support, your business will never fail.