Las Vegas Tech Mogul Prophecy Onasis Shares His Biggest Lessons From Over Two Decades Of Experience


Prophecy Onasis is a Las Vegas Tech Mogul who has built a formidable career monetizing short and long form video with programmatic advertising. He is CTO at Vuuzle Media Corporation and the brain behind projects such as Vuuzle TV's Content Delivery Network, the VUMU Music platform and Cloud9 a 3 dimensional content delivery platform.

He shares major insights from his 20+ years in the tech industry and lessons he's learned along the way that have helped him achieve admirable success.

Why He's Different Than Most Techpreneurs

Prophecy believes staying ahead of the game is crucial when it comes to success in the tech world and prides himself on finding trends before others. He believes that human psychology and our day to day interpersonal interactions make a tremendous impact on the products which we choose to engage with.

"Most entrepreneurs do not think about mirror neurons and concept networks so that they can better serve the masses with a product. My unique dynamic is to be able to build and identify the source of what the market's behavior is before I build anything, by understanding the personal meaning network of humans as individuals and as a group"

Partnership With American Powerhouse Verizon Media

Prophecy has built powerful partnerships and connections in the tech business, most notably with American giant Verizon Media. He also is a Certified Advertising Network Partner with AOL (known as Oath). He's managed to rub shoulders among the best in tech but remains humble on his impact in the field.

"Partnership with such a powerful company as Verizon is an honor. We were invited to their headquarters in Los Angeles and were able to see The Nock which is Verizon's central intelligence for all their streaming technology. We also have been awarded the Brand Blazer award by Verizon for being leaders in how we use streaming technology solutions. That is a huge accomplishment for our whole team at Vuuzle."

What It Takes To Be Successful In Tech

The tech world is extremely competitive. Companies from Silicon Valley to Beijing are raising millions of dollars but this does not necessarily guarantee success. Prophecy believes that results speak louder than words and small talk. He strongly believes that products should be held to high standards regardless of a founders reputation.

"I learned you have to fight hard to be recognized in the tech world. You can not use hype or be a poser. It is not a space where you get recognized by being a talker with nothing to offer. Skills alone do not get you anywhere at all unless you have savvy products that are useful to the public, period."

The Post Pandemic Future of Tech

A post pandemic world is ripe for new innovations and opportunities and this is exactly where Prophecy believes founders should focus. He believes the next generation is 3D content as evidenced by his upcoming products in development at Vuuzle.

"How we share information is going the most impactful way that will catapult the next generation of technology. We will witness an optronic era. You will see more than just TV's and devices sharing images. We are already developing 3D content delivery platforms in this era at Vuuzle Media Corporation to be one of the pioneer leaders in the near future."