Las Vegas Police Arrest Man After He Climbs onto Airplane Wing Before Takeoff [Viral Video]

The flight was preparing for takeoff when the pilot spotted the man approaching the airplane and he notified control tower operators.

A man in Las Vegas climbed onto an airplane wing and bopped his head after a hard fall. Authorities arrested the man at the McCarran International Airport on Saturday, December 12, while passengers inside the flight were busy taking images and videos of the hilarious incident.

It happened when an Alaska Airlines flight, which was set to take off for Portland, suddenly got an unwelcomed visitor who somehow made his way onto the wing. When people inside the flight noticed what was going on outside, they were left amused at the beginning and clicked pictures of the unknown man. But cops were called to take the man off from the flight wing.

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Man climbs onto wing of airplane before takeoff in Las Vegas Twitter

How Did This Happen?

As reported by KSNV, the man had jumped over an airport fence, and then he made his way to the passenger jet. Video and images of the incident were widely shared on social media that showed the man walking in the wing, grabbing the winglet, which is the fin at the end of a flight's wing, and taking off the shoes and socks to climb the winglet while avoiding the cops.

But his adventurous day did not end well. The man lost his grip, tumbled down to the ground, and hit his head. Reports said that the cops did not waste any time and arrested the man. Later, he was transported to a medical facility.

In a statement, Alaska Airlines said that while the plane was preparing for takeoff, at around 2 pm the pilot spotted the man approaching the flight. The pilot immediately notified control tower operators about the man.

"Law enforcement was dispatched and able to apprehend the individual. Our guests and employees are safe and we are working with law enforcement. The plane returned to the gate for a full inspection", said the airline.

However, as per the reports, authorities believe that the unnamed man might suffer from mental illness or impairment.