Las Vegas Flooding: Videos Show Airports, Casinos, Hotels Under Water As Heavy Rain Lashes City WATCH)

Las Vegas witnessed massive flooding on Friday as casinos, airports and the entire strip were almost under the water. Multiple buildings and hotels were flooded in the heavy rain.

Videos that appeared on social media show streets underwater with dozens of vehicles trapped in the floods.

Las Vegas flooding
Las Vegas flooding Twitter

Heavy Rain Filled Casinos

Another clip show water inside the famous Planet Hollywood Casino, where water poured through a hole in the ceiling, and staff members are seen recording the dramatic incident.

Multiple iconic buildings in the city were hit by flash floods after torrential downpours.

Airports, Parking Lots Were Under Water

The heavy rain filled countless buildings and also hit airports and parking lots. So far no casualties have been reported in the incident, which is affected the lives of hundreds of people.

Jowitt, a Las Vegas resident, told New York Post, "We've got good drainage systems but sometimes the water just overloads them. It can also be dangerous for homeless people who sometimes live in the drainage systems for shelter."

Las Vegas flooding
Las Vegas flooding Twitter

Flights Were Delayed

He also underlined that the city doesn't get often rain, so it's hard to check whether roofs and the like are actually waterproof; probably what has happened in the casinos tonight.

Passengers also faced difficulties due to heavy rain and floods in the city. Multiple flights were rescheduled and delayed due to the incident. Some planes had to make landings at different airports.

Reports claimed that a severe and rare thunderstorm caused the flooding in the city, which left thousands of Las Vegas residents without power. Over 7300 people were left without power in Las Vegas city, which had issued flash flood warnings.

Several locations in the valley received over an inch of rain in two hours. Winds were blowing at 40 to 50 mph speed, with a record gust of 71 mph recorded at Flamingo and Eastern, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

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