Las Vegas Film Financier Ronnie Flynn Share 4 Defining Lesson from His 35 Years In Entertainment

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Ronnie Flynn

Ronnie Flynn is a Las Vegas film financier and founder of Vuuzle media Corp. With over 35 years in film and television, his insights present a unique perspective to the elements of running a successful global media business.

As the executive producer for film and television at Vuzzle, in this year alone he's already produced more than 300 television shows and 1 new mini TV series named The Portal.

He shares his in-depth perspective of what areas of life he's been able to optimize to achieve success. For a man who grew up in poverty as a young man, he presents a powerful case of what it means to rise from challenges and not allow any personal circumstances stop a visionary's success.

His Faith & Happiness Guides His Every Move

Speaking with Ronnie, his mantra and foundation he says is "to make the world my office, the people my business and God my boss."

It's clear that Ronnie values enjoying his life and with over 35 years in sales marketing and entertainment he says he doesn't do anything without music and happiness. He says "laughter is the best medicine in life so remember it is always a good time to smile."

Why Your Network Is What You Make It

Building a powerful network such as what Ronnie has achieved over three decades doesn't come by accident. He is a respected fund raiser that spent many years across different markets from South East Asia to Dubai. Ronnie believes that in order to make it you must have good relationships built on trust.

"Good people are hard to find, and a solid network is only possible when the relationship is built on truth and loyalty."

Ronnie says one big factor is building genuine loyalty between both parties and takes this very serious. He insists this must be earned a deal at a time and you can't take someone just by their words. He prides himself on being an unshakable character that sticks to his word every time.

"Trust must be earned with respect and confidence that who you are and what you are is real. I have built my career on being a leader and a well-known commodity that you can respect and know that what you see and what you feel is real. Full transparency with no bells and whistles."

You Must Remain Humble

For a man who has financed major Hollywood productions such as Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th, directed by John Blanchard and starring talents such as Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Tom Arnold, Coolio and Shirley Jones, he remains humble.

Ronnie says this humble attitude comes from his earnest beginnings growing up on a rough part of Los Angeles, California

"I learned from growing up on the street that tomorrow does not always come as people don't live forever."

Ronnie says that he was cognizant from an early age who spent his time with and that he realized that his circle would determine his success, or his demise.

"It is also important to understand who you keep company with will affect your decisions and how you react to problems."

Legacy Is Everything

Legacy is a constant theme with Ronnie as he believes he has a responsibility to give back to areas he is most passionate about and when asked where he wants to be known for he says being a person who overcame challenges.

"My legacy is about faith and about believing in what people say is impossible and me overcoming those obstacles and naysayers and making it happen. Bottom line I want to be known for as a winner who cared enough to care and worked enough to show that the impossible is possible."

Ronnie continues to give back to causes that impact the future generation as well as animal based causes. He says he wants to use the power of his gifts from television and entertainment to contribute for lasting effect.

"When all is said and done, I want the world to say that man revolutionized how film and tv are produced. He brought back quality TV and entertainment while making sure he gave back to society helping children and saving animals."

This article was first published on December 8, 2020