Larry Hogan Exposes Trump, Says US President Called South Koreans 'Terrible People'

During a dinner meeting in February Trump insulted South Korea and its people in front of his Korean-origin wife, says Maryland Governor.

US President Donald Trump has insulted ally South Korea by calling the Koreans terrible people, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has said. The mayor has revealed details of Trump's conversation during a private dinner party held in February. Hogan claimed that Trump spoke badly of South Korea in front of his South Korea-born wife Yumi, who was present on the occasion.

The Republican Governor revealed this to the Washington Post. Giving details of the incident, Hogan said that while Trump insulted Moon Jae In, he didn't forget to praise North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and interestingly, he had also spoken highly of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Trump Kim Jong Un
File photo of U.S. President Donald Trump shaking hands with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un Reuters

The incident occurred during a dinner meeting in early February sponsored by the Republican Governors Association. Trump took part in the private dinner meet that was also attended by Larry Hogan and his wife Yumi, who hails from South Korea.

Larry Hogan

Trump Hurls Insults at Moon Jae In, South Korean People

While speaking casually, Trump said that he didn't like working with South Korean President Moon Jae In. "Trump said he really didn't like working with Moon Jae In, President of South Korea. The South Koreans were terrible people, he said, and he didn't know why the United States had been protecting them all these years. They don't pay us, Trump complained," wrote Hogan in Washington Post.

He also said that his wife Yumi, who was present there, was hurt and upset as Trump continued to hurl insults at South Korea. This was not all, praising North Korean leader Kim Jong Un who frequently threatens to pose danger to the U.S., Trump said that he really got along well with the dictator.

"I don't remember him (Trump) mentioning the virus, but he talked about how much he respected President Xi Jinping of China; how much he liked playing golf with his buddy, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan and how well he got along with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un," wrote Larry Hogan explaining the incident.

Coronavirus Crisis

Explaining about Trump's response to the pandemic, Hogan said that the White House failed to assist states in terms of controlling coronavirus. When Maryland needed the personal protective equipment to bring the virus under check, sufficient measures were not taken by the Trump administration.

Hogan decided to act on his own and he along with his wife contacted Moon Jae In and requested to provide them with coronavirus test tools. Maryland worked with South Korea's LabGenomics and secured 500,000 tests for a cost of $9 million. The governor also had to keep these test kits in a secret location to prevent it from getting seized and shipped by Trump administration.