Larry the Barfly Dead: Fans Shocked after The Simpsons Kills Off Character That Featured Way Back in the Show's Premiere Episode 34 Years Ago

Following his death, Homer, Moe, and other regulars from the bar, including Lenny and Carl, embark on a road trip to scatter his ashes.

"The Simpsons," the enduring sitcom, bid farewell to one of its familiar characters on Sunday night - Larry the Barfly, leaving fans shocked. In the latest episode, titled "Cremains Of The Day," viewers learned that Larry the Barfly had died. Larry, frequently seen seated beside his friend Sam, was a fictional character who was 42 years old.

Although his name might not be familiar to casual viewers, Larry has been a fixture at Moe's Tavern since at least Season 1's "Homer's Odyssey," which aired over 34 years ago in January 1990. He made sporadic appearances over the years, seldom uttering a word. His death had varied reactions on social media.

Fans Left Shocked

Larry the Barfly
Larry the Barfly (standing in the doorframe in the back) was killed in the latest episode of The Simpsons X

In the Season 2 episode "Bart Gets Hit by a Car," the drunk Larry checks out Marge Simpson and exclaims, "Who's the chick?" Then, in the Season 35 episode "Cremains of the Day," which aired on Sunday night, Larry died.

Following his death, Homer, Moe, and other regulars from the bar, including Lenny and Carl, embark on a road trip to scatter his ashes.

Given Larry's status as a background character, with little known about him besides his penchant for alcohol and occasional incomprehensible muttering, the script acknowledges the vagueness of his story.

Homer and his companions, grappling with the realization that they knew very little about Larry, feel guilty when Larry's mother reveals that he considered the regulars at Moe's Tavern his "best friends" and requested that they share some "fond memories" of him.

In response, they concoct a fabricated fishing story.

Larry had been part of the drunk ensemble that frequented Moe's Tavern, voiced by Harry Shearer, best known for his roles as Ned Flanders, Mr. Burns, Smithers, Principal Skinner, and Reverend Lovejoy, among others.

While the show has faced criticism from some viewers, such as over scenes featuring Homer comically strangling Bart, Larry was often seen alongside the more prominent character Barney Gumble, whose drunken antics frequently stole the spotlight in bar scenes.

Fans Mourn Death

Larry the Barfly
Larry the Barfly X

The loss of Larry came as a shock to many longtime fans. "Just learned they are killing off Larry on The Simpsons tomorrow. I need a minute," one posted on X.

Following the episode's broadcast, another user mourned the character's death.

"I can't believe they killed off Larry Dalrymple on The Simpsons last night. #RIPLarry," they said.

Some viewers made light of the late character's minimal screen time. "Whenever Larry isn't onscreen, everybody should be asking, 'Where's Larry?'" one fan wrote.

Another added, "I hope we learn something about Larry if we aren't going to see him again."

While some saw Larry's existence on the sidelines as "really f***ing sad and tragic," Simpsons writer Matt Selman, who co-showruns the series with Al Jean, humorously acknowledged how the show was making a big deal out of the death of a minor character.

Selman teased fans by posting, "Who will die this Sunday on @TheSimpsons?" on X (formerly Twitter), accompanied by images of Homer, Marge, Bart, and Larry. The inclusion of the three main characters made it evident that they were safe from any demise.