Lalit kudle aka DJ LALIT is all set to make his debut as a music producer


We are seeing many people are coming into the limelight nowadays from Instagram reels, influencers, YouTubers, And many more but do you know that the DJs are also not less to make their impact on the floor and make their presence like celebrities in big musical events.

Here is a cover story of one of the famous DJs in Pune.

DJ LALIT is an emerging, talented and young DJ from Pune An awesome music producer and a reputed remixer. DJ LALIT started his career in 2007 and till now he has performed in most of the clubs, pubs, lounges, private parties, and corporate events in Pune. Nowadays he hosts his own shows and spins at Club P18 and as well as Della Resort and many more.

DJ LALIT never plays music just for him; his aim is to please the Audience." Music has no color, it's for everybody" admits the master of music. He is a music lover with a versatile style. He strongly believes that the style he plays is to uplift the people. DJ LALIT plays music everyone can relate to. He always attempts to bring zing and mood to his listening audience which lifts the atmosphere to another level of entertainment. DJ LALIT always believes that you learn a lot about people when you listen to the songs that mean something to them. Well, this is something we have to admit!

being very unique in his music playing has many celebrity fans in his list and also received various appreciations from the legends of music industry.

Dj LALIT is about to release his untitled album very soon.. His fans are eagerly waiting for his first original venture created by himself and which will make everyone's steps to dance on it. We wish DJ Lalit a very best luck for his upcoming song