Lady Who Believes in QAnon Conspiracy Theory, Has Made Racist and Anti-Semitic Remarks, Set to Become US Congresswoman

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been disowned by her own party's senior leaders. But she still managed to win the Republican primary in Georgia.

In another example of how politics in the United States of America is continually becoming more and more polarized, a lady who has expressed her support for QAnon conspiracy theory and has been known to target Blacks, Hispanics, and Jews through racial comments, is on her way to getting a seat in US House of Representatives.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is regarded as too extreme even by her own party. The Republican establishment put its weight behind her opponent in the Republican primary for Georgia's 14th Congressional District. However, John Cowan, her opponent who is a neurosurgeon, couldn't overcome Greene's popularity as she emerged victorious on Tuesday.

Marjorie Taylor Greene
Marjorie Taylor Greene is the Republican nominee for Georgia's 14th Congressional district Twitter

Since the 14th district has been a bastion of the Republican Party, it is very likely that she will win the main election in November and make her way to the hallowed halls of the US Congress. Even the vocal and unambiguous opposition of senior leaders in the GOP could not stop the juggernaut of Greene who has already gained a huge fan following on social media.

GOP's headache

The GOP started getting worried about Greene's credentials when she came out on top in the first primary that was held on June 9. The main cause of concern were the videos of herself she had uploaded on the internet. In them, she has uttered sentiments that target racial and religious minorities of the country.

She claims an "Islamic invasion" has taken place into American governmental institutions. This may be regarded as an extreme version of the distrust in American society towards Muslims in post 9/11 times. But as far as Greene's views are concerned, it's just the tip of the iceberg.

She also claims that the Black and Hispanic communities are plagued by gangs and drug dealers. Her controversial views also stretch to the Jewish committee as she views billionaire George Soros as a former Nazi collaborator.

QAnon supporters have appeared at Trump rallies

Support for QAnon theory

Most shocking is her faith in the QAnon conspiracy theory which believes that the 'deep state' in USA is working to undermine President Donald Trump. This theory also posits other outlandish ideas like the involvement of high-profile personalities from diverse fields like Hollywood and politics in a child sex-trafficking ring.

Though this theory has remained in the realms of the political fringe, President Trump has indirectly lent his support to it by getting photographed with believers of the conspiracy theory and promoting tweets that refer to it.

The possible future Congresswoman has refused to back down from her stated positions. Instead, she has targeted the 'establishment' and media for painting an unflattering picture of her. "The fake news media, the DC swamp, and their radical leftist allies see me as a very serious threat. I will not let them whip me into submission," she stated defiantly.

In terms of her political positioning, she has shown herself to be a wholehearted supporter of President Trump and committed to basic conservative ideas. The congressional aspirant will hope that the base of the Republican Party, especially the pro-Trump element, turns out to vote her to Washington DC's second most important building.