Lady Jane talks about exes, expresses strong opinions on dating publicly

Lady Jane is a South Korean singer, television personality, radio presenter.

South Korean singer, Lady Jane still keeps in touch with her rapper ex-boyfriend, Simon D. The two reportedly dated for six long years before drifting apart to concentrate on their respective careers.

During the September 22 of KBS2's Happy Together, the singer opened about her current status with Simon D. While Jane made a deal with the presenter to not talk about her ex, she still took the question sportingly and answered them all. On her relationship with the rapper, the 32-year-old responded: " We're friends now. But that doesn't mean we're at the stage where we can just text each other comfortably and say, 'What are you doing?' and 'You wanna watch a movie?'" As per reports, the two started dating in 2007 and made a mutual decision to break up.

Jeon Ji-hye a.k.a Lady Jane was also asked to share her thoughts on making any relationship public, to which the tv personality/presenter replied: "If someone I know says that they are going to be in a public relationship, I will pack a lunch and follow them around, trying to dissuade them. The moment it becomes public, your name will always be linked to the other person's on any news articles."

This is not the first time the singer has showcased opposed views on dating openly. Apparently, Lady Jane is not a fan of making relationship public and has expressed strong opinions previously. During an SBS talk show, the songstress once relayed: "I am against public dating. It has become dreadful. As me and Simon D started our relationship even before his debut, going public with it became naturally."

She continued, "When I was romantically linked to Hong Jin Ho, some started making connections to Simon D. Seems like our past is still engraved in people's minds."