Lady Jane responds to plastic surgery reports

Lady Jane appeared different to viewers during an episode of King of Masked Singer.

South Korean singer/television personality Lady Jane has finally responded to her cosmetic surgery reports. The 32-year-old, whose real name is Jeon Ji-hye, was rumoured to have gone under the knife.

Rumours that she has had plastic surgery started after she looked "different" during an appearance on MBC's King of Masked Singer. Lady Jane denied the reports in an interview: "I really didn't get plastic surgery. To be honest, I felt a lot of pressure about coming on 'King of Masked Singer.' Because of that pressure and my practicing, I lost about six kilograms (about 13 pounds). That's why my face may look slimmer. I absolutely didn't get plastic surgery. It feels good to hear people say I got prettier."

Meanwhile, Lady Jane was praised for her rendition of the Park Ki Young song, Start. She said: "I didn't know people would cheer for me that much. It was somewhat exhilarating when the audience looked at me closely and screamed in the moment I took off my mask. It's for the thrill of that moment that one would want to come on 'King of Masked Singer.'"

"I've always liked singing lively songs. I can't sing it like Park Ki Young sunbae, but I want to sing it in Lady Jane's way. I was in the middle of recording my new album, but I practiced a lot," she continued.