LABOUM's Soyeon rushed to hospital due to extreme blood loss!

Soyeon's nose started bleeding unexpectedly during her performance for MBC's Show Champion.

Popular singer and actress Soyeon was reportedly hospitalised because of an unfortunate case of an unstoppable nose bleed. The LABOUM's pop singer faced a, otherwise, usual nose bleeding problem which resulted in extreme blood loss.

The south Korean girl group, LABOUM's singer was rushed to the hospital right after their performance for MBC's Show Champion. Soyeon, reportedly, was feeling fatigued and at the same time was facing the problems of unexpected nose bleeding from quite some time.

However, due to her nose bleeding episodes, the staff members of LABOUM advised her to cancel her performance in the event but she insisted on joining the rest of the group members and performed with zeal and great energy.

Though Soyeon successfully delivered and finished her performance but her excessive nose bleeds lead to extreme blood loss and she admitted to the hospital. Any further updates however on the state of the singer are awaited while her fans are praying for her health and well-being.