LA County Issues New Stay-at-Home Order: What's Open and What's Not?

Here is the Complete Information on New Orders

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Los Angeles County has issued orders with amended rules and directions for the people to follow. Known as safer-at-home order with some relaxations, the new order has tweaked certain rules from the first lockdown rule imposed on March 16.

Though California has opened curbside pickup at malls, the Los Angeles County still has restrictions on it and said the county health officer holds the right to loosen restrictions or make it stricter, any time, as per the situation.

The orders, directed by the LA health officer, are to be enforced by LA County Sheriff or city cops. Violation will amount to $1,000 in fine and jail term up to six months. Here are the restrictions or relaxations made under the new order:

What is open

Only lower risk retail businesses can reopen for curbside, doorside or other outdoor or outside pickup or delivery. Trails, beaches, golf courses, tennis and pickleball courts, shooting and archery ranges, equestrian centers, model airplane areas, community gardens and bike paths are open but with restrictions. Protocols including wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, posting safety protocols and supplying hand sanitizer must be followed strictly.

Those leaving the house either for work or to get essentials must have a face covering. Those above 65 years or those with pre-existing health conditions must stay at home, except for medical care. Those who are homeless too are exempted from the portion of stay at home order.

What will remain closed

Higher-risk businesses like recreational sites, commercial properties including bars and nightclubs, gyms and fitness centers, movie theaters, drive-in theaters, live performances, concert halls, stadiums, arenas, gaming facilities, theme parks, festivals, bowling alleys, arcades, public piers, public beach parking lots, bike paths that traverse the sand, personal grooming centers such as barbers, hair salons and nail salons, massage or body art establishments, indoor and outdoor playgrounds (except for childcare centers), community centers, including indoor pools, hot tubs and saunas in multi-unit residences, flea markets, museums, galleries, zoos and libraries, malls and shopping centers will remain closed.

The county has specified the essential activities and the list includes activities like visiting a veterinary clinic or obtaining medical supplies; getting groceries or needed supplies; working for essential business or lower-risk business; taking care of minors, the elderly, dependants or persons with disabilities.

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