Kylie Jenner wants to get pregnant again?


Kylie Jenner seems to want more children. She is reported to already be trying to get pregnant with baby number two with partner Travis Scott.

Kylie, in fact, is actually planning "at least" two more kids with Scott, reports HollywoodLife quoting to an inside source to the couple. Jenner thinks of Scott to be an amazing father and so, "Kylie definitely wants more kids," said the insider. "Stormi—the couple's first child—is so perfect in every single way, and Travis is such an amazing partner and dad, that she would love to have at least another two. Kylie is in no hurry to get pregnant right now though. Despite Travis being more than happy to add to the family tomorrow, he's never felt happier or more content in his life than he does now with Kylie and Stormi in his world."

As to when this is expected or planned out by the couple, Jenner and Scott are likely to start trying to get pregnant about a year from now, reports HL. "Kylie would like to wait another year before starting to try for a baby again, and this time she would like to have it more planned out," said the insider.

"She wasn't expecting to get pregnant with Stormi, but as things turned out it was the best thing that ever happened to her, and has made her love with Travis even stronger than she possibly could have imagined."

Kylie's appreciation for family and what it means to her was never more apparent than during Thanksgiving this year, notes the report. "Thanksgiving was amazing, and having her whole family around her made for the most perfect start to the holidays," the source added.

"Kylie has so much to be thankful for, and she truly feels blessed in every way."

Looking through her Instagram, it was pretty evident that Kylie really did have a great Thanksgiving. The family was together, people seemed to have a great time and the dinner spread was rather impressive. In the post she actually said that she cooked the whole meal by herself, making it that much more special. She then posted a family picture with Scott and her child captioned- Thankful.