Kyle Mufti is Turning His Lifestyle Pleasures into a Profitable Business with Exotic Luxury Rentals. Here's How You Can Do the Same

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Kyle Mufti

The well-known influencer and serial entrepreneur is back at it again with some great new tips to get you into that Ferrari or Lamborghini faster. It's no secret that today's youth are consumed by the social statuses and allures of social media. You can hardly scroll five minutes without seeing someone feet up in a private jet or top down in a lambo. But here's the kicker, less than 95% of those people actually own those jets, yachts, and exotic vehicles.

From celebrities and artists to influencers and entrepreneurs, making bold statements with flashy content is a theme that is only growing. Many of which treat it like wearing an outfit. They want change and choices without the inconvenience of steady overhead. For that, they're willing to pay a premium. On the other end is people who are so far from financially affording a monthly payment but might be able to rent it for a couple days and enjoy feeling otherwise while flaunting it on their TikTok. Again, a premium can be justified.

By simply having good credit, enough money for a down payment and access to providers like Turo, almost anyone can afford a super car while taking profits on it month to month if you can keep it booked.

"For a long time, I avoided a luxury lifestyle because I'm a big supporter of delayed gratification. The discipline of putting your hard-earned revenue to work instead of towards pleasures is a sure way to grow your portfolio. However today, it's easier than ever to turn your liabilities into assets. So if your dream is to be driving a high end exotic on the regular, this makes it possible without the guilt of cheating on your portfolio" says Kyle Mufti, owner of Mufti Holdings and Exotic Luxury Rentals. "It's hard to believe, but you can create an incredible lifestyle surrounded by private jets, charters, and exotics for a lot less than you think."

Exotic Luxury Rentals operates out of Toronto, Miami, and Singapore with access to high end supercars for as little as $500 per day and a $2,000 deposit. A game changer for access to Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Corvette, and more supercars. The availability doesn't stop there, with further services to charter megayachts or fly private in style.

"I knew this business was going to do well when I received more calls to rent an exotic car or stationary jet for a photoshoot than to actually use it for its intended purpose. The internet craves unrealistic expectations derived from social media influencers and celebrities. I'm happy to help give that to them for a day"

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This article was first published on October 10, 2021