Kyle Chasse On How Getting Into Crypto In 2013 Changed His Life To The Best!

Kyle Chasse

JK Rowling wrote a wonderful quote in her Harry Potter books - 'It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. One choice or one decision can show us our abilities and change our present and future forever. In 2013, entrepreneur Kyle Chasse did the same when he ventured into cryptocurrency. His life has significantly changed, and he couldn't have asked for anything better.

In 2013, when the world was just discovering crypto, Kyle took the risk of selling his business and investing. Little did he know that it would be one of the best decisions he's ever made in his life! From 2013 till now, the entrepreneur has owned several cryptos and bitcoin ventures, educated hundreds of people about the same and expanded his business in different parts of the world.

About his journey from 2013, Crypto entrepreneur Kyle Chasse shares, "I've been in crypto full time since 2013 when I Sold my company Reverse Aging Institute. I started building the world's first Bitcoin lottery in 2013 and launched it in 2014. It was called World Super Lotto. I did two live drawings per week and broadcast on YouTube and had a thread on bitcoin talk forum. I've done everything in the space since then; from investing, advising, incubating, speaking at conferences, etc."

Today, Kyle Chasse is financially independent at the age of 31 and proud owner of Master Ventures, Paid Network and House of Dao. While there were several challenges in his journey, not even at one point he decided to give up. His focused, innovative, and determined nature helped him attain his goals quite early in life.

Says Kyle, "Despite the big setbacks, I never felt like giving up. Because of that positive approach, now I don't need to work or worry about money. I'm driven by a mission to radically improve the lives of billions of people on this planet." The entrepreneur says that he's living the life he always dreamt of. So far, Kyle has travelled to 70 countries, inspired many people, and helped them become pro about crypto. He says that he's happy and wants to keep flourishing and motivate others to do their best.