Kwon Sohyun shares heartfelt note to 4Minute fans

4Minute's debut anniversary falls on 18 June.

South Korean singer Kwon Sohyun wrote a heartfelt note to 4Minute fans. The girl group had recently announced their disbandment on 16 June.

4Minute's debut anniversary falls on 18 June. She wrote: "Every year I gave thanks on this date... This year my heart is so sad and apologetic... I am so thankful and so sorry to 4NIA who has always stayed by our side, loved us, and supported us for seven years... Thank you 4NIA..."

Previously, former 4Minute leader Nam Jihyun also shared her thoughts on the girl band's departure. She wrote on Instagram: "Seven years ago today. Those were exciting times. We were so young back then. Time sure flies fast. It's a good day!"

Meanwhile, Cube Entertainment had issued an official statement about the band's split. The official note read: "Jihyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon, and Sohyun's exclusive contracts ended on June 14, and the 4 have left Cube. We had long negotiations concerning the 4 members' re-signing, and at the end of the mediation, it was decided they would not re-sign. The label is respecting their decision and sincerely cheer on their futures."