Kurt Angle opens up on his new role in WWE

Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle ib

Kurt Angle, who took in-ring retirement from WWE earlier this year, has continued his association with the company with a new role. He is working as a WWE Producer for the Raw brand.

He has now opened up on his new role in WWE in an interview with Chicago Tribune. The Olympic gold medalist has said that he would work on minimizing the injuries to the contestants.

"I help structure matches that the talents have. It's just giving my feedback and evaluating what the wrestlers do," Angle said. "The most important thing is once you learn the basics, limit your bumping. We only have so many bumps in our career. If you do it excessively at the beginning of your career, you're going to cut your career short. If you save your body, it will help you enormously," WWE Inc quotes him as saying in the interview.

Talking about his career as a wrestler in WWE, Kurt Angle has revealed about amateur wrestling having low views about the sports entertainment as he used to get a lot of comments asking him not to associate with the WWE.

He adds, "After WWE came out of the closet in the late 1990s and said, 'This is entertainment. We're not wrestling. We're our own entity,' I thought it was a good opportunity to step in and show others you can cross over into something else and it's not going to affect your previous accomplishments. It's only going to make them better,"

The Olympic gold medalist also spoke about why he likes Indie wrestling events, while asking The Tribune to promote his appearance at the Warrior Wrestling Seven event at the Marian Catholic High School on 13 December.

"They have a loyal following from the area. A lot of kids end up showing up. A family event's good for this country. It gives kids and parents something to talk about," he ended.