Kumail Hussain Advocates for Mental Health and Self Development to Make a Difference

Kumail Hussain

Kumail Hussain is A Med Student in Chicago, IL. He describes his passions as medicine, creating content to help others by raising issues like mental health, promoting self-development, acting, rapping, and cars.

"I don't consider myself a "cookie-cutter" med student. Nobody in my family is in medicine. Nobody forced me to go down this path. I don't come from a wealthy family. To be honest, I wasn't even an exceptional student in college. As a Pre-Med major in college, I really struggled in my classes. I would study for long hours, stay up all night, and still not get the grades I wanted. I realized that students aren't really taught the best ways to study and learn."

That's why he has created free and affordable products for students who struggle like him. The ultimate goal is to make his website, The Kumail Hussain into a One-Stop-Shop for Students. Along with that, he has established himself as a content creator on social media platforms.

Mental health is often an issue that Kumail makes sure to raise his voice for as it is cast aside and looked down on. The stigma surrounding mental health is still hard to break. Considering the prevalence of the issue and the dire need of self-development guidance, Kumail regularly shares content along these lines. He believes that the past generations have ignored the topic for so long and never recognized the seriousness of the matter. It has been labeled as taboo. Depression, anxiety, and all other mental ailments cause loss of productivity, inability to work, and a general state of unwellness.

According to Kumail, these are the signs that show whether you are prioritizing your mental health

1. You don't let what others say affect your mood
2. You consistently make time for self-renewal ( gym or reading )
3. You do not dwell on your failures, you only learn from them

"The goal now is to impact students and self-learners all over the world and challenge them to think differently about studying, their time, finances, and their mental health. Students were never taught how to handle these aspects of their life in school, so that's where I come in, to help educate and inspire the people. My goal is to become a relatable and genuine person on social media and increase my reach through speaking events, podcasts, books, and writing, and whatever else. And of course, to give back to others who need it, especially my family."

If you are looking for positivity and guidance on self-development, start following Kumail Hussainself-development, and be a part of his journey. He is also offering paid coaching and mentoring sessions which are described as life-changing by previous clients.