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"The Devil takes a hand in what is done is haste." This is exactly what happened to the two robbers who robbed an outlet, selling used luxury watches, at a shopping mall in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur on 10 December. In a hasty attempt to escape the shop the robbers left behind a pistol!

According to the Sentul Police Chief ACP R. Munusamy, the robbers barged into the shop, selling watches and jewellery, at around 3 pm. They threatened the cashier with the pistol and asked him to keep quiet. The officer also informed that the culprits were wearing long-sleeve T-shirts and hats.

It was also reported that the burglars then forced the cashier, who is the son of the shop owner, to open the glass casket containing second-hand luxury watches. They fled in a Mercedes-Benz car after making off with some of the watches.