Kuala Lumpur begging crackdown: Chinese tramps worked in two shifts, had karaoke training

International human trafficking syndicate mastermind Dauyo arrested, say city police chief Amar Singh.

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A woman begs for money on the streets Reuters

Malaysian police rescued 14 Chinese beggars, aged between 21 to 53, after they nabbed the mastermind of an international human trafficking syndicate which exploited physically handicapped beggars in Kuala Lumpur.

The rescued beggars are all physically impaired and police believe that they were lured to come to the city with a promise of employment. Moreover, it was reported that five of the beggars had expired passports and nine did not even have proper travelling documents.

The rescued beggars have been currently placed in shelters homes. The mastermind, identified as Dauyo, was arrested during a crackdown on a hotel in Jalan Petaling, where the beggars were being put up.

After initial investigations, it was revealed that Dauyo was living a pompous life with a monthly earning of RM56,000 (S$18,400) by regulating the beggars in his racket. Each beggar had to survive with 700 daily after they paid an average of RM4,000 to Dauyo at every month's end, reported TodayOnline.

City police chief Amar Singh was reported saying that Dauyo hired a local agent and five taxi drivers as transporters, who are now detained.

"The suspect did not have to work at all as a steady flow of income from the beggars was being channelled back to him," said Amar, as reported by the news agency.

The investigation also revealed that this business started around six months ago and the beggars mainly functioned in the night and morning markets around the city. The workers were also tightly monitored and were divided into small groups and had to collect alms from commuters by singing songs.

According to the news website, the beggars, if working in two shifts, had to pay about RM50 daily for accommodation and transport to their begging spots. They were also handed a mobile speaker and karaoke set to assist them in their performances while begging.