Krystal apologizes for delayed f(x) release: Fans support star on social media

Krystal Instagram/Krystal official account

Popular K-pop star and actress Krystal Jung has apologized to fans for delaying upcoming song f(x).

On January 18, Krystal revealed to reporters in an interview at the SM Entertainment Communication Center after completing her running drama 'Prison Playbook'.

She said,"I miss dancing. I feel I've gotten stiff because I haven't danced in so long. Because I love music so much, it's something I don't want to give up. If there is a good song, I would like to release it at any time."

Then she added saying "I'm really sorry to all the fans. Because I can see that they're having difficult times, I'm sorry and sorry again. It's frustrating because I'm unable to say anything." Krystal also expressed how difficult it's been for both her and the rest of the members", when the topic of f(x) prolonged release was brought up by reporters.

She went on to say that the timings and the situation did not go accordingly. The team had made a plan to come back on a specific date but got canceled due to some reason. She also said that it's not easy and as a group, they are also disappointed and are trying their best to make their comeback quickly.

Fans are disappointed at the late release but at the same time have consoled their idol on social media.

Check out fans' tweets:

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