AOA's Jimin Reacts to Mina's Accusation of Bullying, Making Her Suicidal: All You Need to Know

Former AOA member Kwon Mina has put up multiple Instagram posts accusing a certain unnie -- said to be referring to Jimin -- as bullying her and driving her to suicide.

Kwon Mina Shin Jimin
Former AOA member Kwon Mina accused Shin Jimin of bullying her for 10 years. Instagram

Former AOA member Kwon Min Ah, better known as Mina, has accused co-singer of the group Shin Jimin of bullying her for 10 years. The torture was such that Mina even tried to take her life, she said in an Instagram post. Mina posted in detail the harassment she had to go through after netizens started flooding her with messages like, Get lost you b****.

In her post, she explained about previous incidents where she referred to unnie (like an elder sister, referring to Jimin) that when her father passed away, she was crying in the waiting room and Jimin had told that it was Mina's fault the atmosphere was bad, and asked her to stop crying.

Tranquilizers, Depression And Panic Disorder

Mina said she was forced o take tranquilizers to be able to sleep as she had to go on with her schedules. She said that because of Jimin's bullying the situation became worse and Mina even tried to take her life. Mina was also suffering from depression and panic disorder. In fact, when Mina's father was diagnosed with Cancer too, she couldn't give time for him because she was scared of this unnie scolding her.

"Honestly, I really didn't want to quit AOA, but because of someone who hated me, I was bullied for 10 years. Honestly, in the end, I just wanted to flip out and curse back at her once. In the end, I gave up on AOA," Mina wrote.

Fans are sure that Mina was referring to Jimin because in one of the incidents of bullying, Mina told about the unnie's father passing away recently and that she had apologized after crying a lot. Jimin's father had passed away in April 2020 and thus reports and fans are claiming that Mina is referring to Jimin.

Cut Up Wrists, Scar Treatments

"Thanks to unnie, I've been eating multiple tablets of medicine a day and my left wrist is so cut up that the nerves aren't working and it stings and hurts. But seeing my mom, I have to live on, I have to earn money. So I am going for scar treatments diligently and although I still have nightmares. But even so, what the reason why you don't like me," questioned Mina.

But reacting to these allegations, Jimin wrote in her (now deleted) Instagram "Fiction," refuting all claims made by Mina. FNC Entertainment representing Shin Jimin has not reacted to Mina's claims yet. However, Jimin's Instagram account is flooded with hate messages and hashtag JiminApologise is also trending.

Mina's new agency O&Entertainment stated: "We're not too concerned about the situation. We, as her agency, always keep our eyes on her though as she does take medication for anxiety."

I am Apologetic, And I Am Sorry: Jimin

Reacting to Mina's accusations, Jimin issued an apology on social media. I am apologetic and I am sorry, said Jimin. Her post read: "I was lacking while leading my team, it was all my mistakes. I feel regretful and guilty that during the time we were together, I was not able to understand Mina, and I don't think I was looking out for her, I was careless," she said.

"When I was younger, I lived my early 20's thinking that my team should only show our good sides to our staff and the public, but I think that led me to having a mindset that caused me to be a leader who was lacking in humanity," she said trying to explain her position. "I'm sincerely sorry to Mina and the members who have worked so hard for the both of us," Jimin said.

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