Kpop Star Lai Kuan Lin Celebrates Chinese National Day on TV, Taiwanese Netizens Furious

Kpop singer, actor Lai Kuan Lin was also criticized for posting in support of Hong Kong police recently

Lai Kuan Lin, former member of the Kpop boy band Wanna One is being criticized by the Taiwanese netizens for celebrating China's National Day by appearing on a television show. His statement, "I am Lai Kuan Lin. I'm waiting for you in Taiwan, China," has made netizens furious.

Lai was born in Taiwan and his appearance in a music show organized to celebrate the National Day of the People's Republic of China has made a large number of netizens angry. This was a special variety show broadcast by the government-run China Central Television network. He also sung a popular Chinese song during the program.

Lai Kuan Lin
Former Kpop band Wanna One member Lai Kuan Lin. Instagram

Due to tensed relationship between Taiwan and China, most of the celebrities do not take part in programs depicting Chinese culture and issues. After the show was aired, netizens started asking Lai to go to China. Previously too, the singer had made headlines and was criticized when he had posted "I support Hong Kong police," on his social media.

Problem between China and Taiwan goes back to early 1900s. Currently, the Chinese government considers Taiwan as a breakaway province that will eventually join China. But a large number of people consider Taiwan as a separate nation.

Here is Why Lai Supports China

Former Kpop star Lai is quite popular in China. He was the ambassador of skincare brand Dr Jart in China. However, after Wanna One was disbanded in 2018, Lai started concentrating on activities in China. He was also rumored to debut as a member of a boy group in China.

Lai also got the lead role in Chinese drama A Little Thing Called First Love in 2019. He was also chosen as a model for TBJ clothing brand. In a recent development, he has been cast as the lead actor in another Chinese drama Don't Think About Interrupting My Studies in June 2020.

Lai has openly shown his support to China's control over Taiwan and recognizes it as a part of China. It looks like he also has similar views about Hong Kong and posted in support of police acting on behalf of China controlling the movement of free Hong Kong.