Kpop Singer Lee Sun Hee Divorce: Reason Same as Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo Breakup

Kpop singer Lee Sun Hee had secretly married her non-celebrity husband, Jung, in 2006. She had previously married a music producer in 1992.

Lee Sun Hee
Kpop singer Lee Sun Hee has divorced her second husband after 14 years of marriage, confirmed Hook Entertainment. Instagram

Popular Kpop singer Lee Sun Hee has divorced her second husband after 14 years of marriage. Her agency Hook Entertainment confirmed the news, but did not give any specific reason for the couple breaking apart.

Lee Sun Hee, 56, had married a non-celebrity known as Jung (surname) in 2006. Not much information is available about the singer's husband. Lee Sun Hee also had kept the news of her marriage secret for a while. The couple mutually decided to file for divorce after being in a relationship for 14 years.

According to Hoon Entertainment, personality difference is said to be the reason behind their separation. The agency said the divorce was settled early this year. The agency also told the fans it cannot reveal any more details as it will be a breach of privacy.

It can be noted that when Descendants of the Sun stars Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo publicly announced their divorce in June 2019 the reason given was differences in personality. Both Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo took to social media to make the announcement after 20 months of marriage. The couple had got married on October 31, 2017.

Keeping Marriage Secret From Fans

Korean celebrities are known to keep their personal life away from public glare, especially when the partner is a non-celebrity. Recently, EXO's Chen was also in news for his marriage with a non-celebrity. The couple also became parents for baby girl on April 29. Chen had announced his marriage to his girlfriend in January, and the news had created a ruckus. On May 8, JY Park also became a father to a baby girl. After marrying a non-celebrity, Park has also kept his personal life including information about his wife a secret.

For similar reasons, Lee Sun Hee also not only kept the news of her marriage a secret, but also the news of her divorce. Recently, while speaking to media, she spoke about her upcoming album and when asked how was she doing she said: "How am I doing ... Well, nothing special. No big deal." The singer did not mention anything about her divorce.

Lee Sun Hee Previous Marriage

Singer Lee Sun married her second husband Jung in 2006 in a secret wedding. Previously Lee Sun Hee had married a music producer in 1992. Their marriage lasted six years, before the couple went their separate ways in 1998.

Hook Entertainment has also informed that Lee Sun Hee is currently getting ready for the release of her 16th full album. The album is all set for release later this year.

Why is Lee Sun Hee Called National Diva?

Lee Sun Hee is called Korea's national diva. The veteran singer is very popular and also commercially successful. She is one of the rare singers who have more female fans than male fans. Lee Sun Hee's round glasses and curt hair had become so popular that it had started 'Lee Sun Hee syndrome', a new trendy style followed by numerous female fans.

Lee Sun Hee was awarded the Prime Minister's Commendation in 2010 for her contributions to popular culture. She is the fourth South Korean singer to have the honor of performing at Carnegie Hall in 2011. She also had the opportunity to perform at Pyongyang in North Korea in 2018, as part of Spring is Coming.

Lee Sun Hee holds a degree in environmental management from Incheon City College, from where she graduated in 1984. In the same year she appeared for the 5th MBC Riverside Song Festival and since then completely turned towards music.

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