Korea's first openly gay idol Holland releases 'Neverland' MV : Check out what netizens have to say

Holland's 'Neverland'
Holland's 'Neverland' Screen grab of 'Neverland' MV from YouTube

South Korea's first-ever openly gay idol Holland has released his official solo debut 'Neverland'.

Holland's 'Neverland' was released on January 22, at midnight KST. The music release was highly anticipated as the idol came out of the closet in public.

This is one of the biggest revolutions not just in Korean Entertainment industry but in the entire country itself as South Koreans are not very open about the LGBT community.

Holland will be joining stars like Hok Suk Chun and Harisu who belong to the same community.

The MV portrays the experience and the story of two lovers whose relationship is highly critical to the society as they are of the same sex. The music shows a man who wants to escape to a place with his partner where they can love freely and also avoid discrimination and criticism from people. The story is deep, meaningful, touching and shows the true emotions they feel for one another.

The 'Neverland' MV just got released but have already attained lots of views as it has a unique concept.

It seems like most of the netizens have supported the idol on social media. #HollandDebutDay was trending on Twitter and supporters put in few words for the idol to encourage him.

Check out tweets:

Check out Holland's 'Neverland' MV below:

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