'The Korean Zombie' believes 2-yr military service will do the 'Korean Superboy' a world of good

After having succumbed to three straight defeats in his UFC career, Doo Ho Choi, "The Korean Superboy" will now take a break to fulfill two years of mandatory military service

The Korean Zombie
UFC fighter Chan Sung Jung Wikimedia

South Korean MMA fighter, Chan Sung Jung, who is popularly known as "The Korean Zombie" had some words of advice for his compatriot Doo Ho Choi after the later's most recent defeat to Charles Jourdain. The fight took place in Choi's home country of South Korea, as part of the UFC Busan event in which he exhibited his extraordinary resilience by continuing to fight despite fracturing his forearm in the very first round of the match.

"The Korean Zombie" To Take A Two Year Break To Serve In The Military
Doo Ho Choi is set to spend the next two years serving in his country's military. South Korea is one of the very few countries in the world today that imposes mandatory military service on its citizens.

While a large number of UFC fans think that this two-year period away from the sport will result in the end of Choi's MMA career, "The Korean Zombie" had this to say, "I know how strong Doo Ho Choi is. Anyone who has seen him spar or has sparred with him will know. As long as he keeps his mind at check, he'll keep on improving because he is still quite young."

Recent Career Slump

Doo Ho Choi who had an impressive start to his UFC career has succumbed to three straight defeats. The 28-year old South Korean was once touted to be a potential Featherweight champion. "The Korean Zombie" who has been through the mandatory military service himself sees a bright future for Choi, saying, "Doo Ho will be undergoing the same during his time in the military and will be able to train individually like I did. I think one's ability to improve and develop depends on how you spend that time."

According to Chan Sung Jung, the experience will help Ho Choi focus more and hone his fighting abilities during his time away from the UFC. He also added, "Two years isn't a short time so it's going to be mentally draining, but in order to become a top-class fighter, this is also a milestone that one needs to overcome." Presently, "The Korean Zombie" remains by far, the most successful MMA fighter his country has ever seen.