Korean TV programs awarded at 50th Annual WorldFest-Houston festival

The 50th Annual WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival was held in Houston, Texas.

WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival
50th Annual WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival WorldFest-Houston

Korean TV programs bagged awards at the 50th Annual WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival held in Houston, Texas from April 21 to 30.

TV stations MBC, KBS, SBS, EBS, KFN and TBC won several awards each at the festival, which began in 1968.

KBS took home 10 awards including a Platinum Remi Award for the hit drama "Love in the Moonlight," which starred Park Bo gum, Kim Yoo-jung and Jinyoung.

Park Bo gum and Kim Yoo-jung
Park Bo gum (right) and Kim Yoo-jung in Love in the Moonlight KBS

Honored with Special Jury Awards were "Descendants of the Sun" (drama), "A Cruel Gift" (documentary), "The Secrets of Life and Death: 600th Episode Special – The Miraculous Brain" (health & wellness) and "Imjin War 1592" (historical programming).

Bagging the Gold Remi Award were "KBS Special: Rooms for Youth in Basement, Rooftop and Gosiwon" (documentary), "KBS Special: I am the Murderer, Confessions of the Real Criminal" (investigative journalism) and "Singing Battle" (entertainment).

The "KBS Drama Special: A World Without Sympathy" won a Silver Remi while "Two Days and One Night: Sejong the Great and Hangul – Episode2" (reality TV) won a Bronze Remi.

MBC won the following: "My Father's Diary" (Gold Remi, documentary), "Winning Shot - The Secret of Pitching" (Platinum Remi, sports), "The Great Meal" (Platinum Remi, documentary), "The Real Men" (Silver Remi, entertainment), "W - Two Worlds Apart" (Special Jury Award, TV series) and "One More Try" (Gold Remi, documentary).

EBS also bagged several awards. These are: "Jobs War : The Lost Generation of Seoul" (Platinum Remi, documentary), "Examination" (Gold Remi, education), "Farewell Too Soon" (Platinum Remi, documentary) and "Lost Humans" (Grand Remi, documentary).

SBS scooped up the following awards: "Burning Youth" (Bronze Remi, entertainment), "Game of Life - The Heir" (Gold Remi, lifestyle programming), "Yeongju" (Gold Remi, TV special-dramatic), "TV Animal Farm" (Platinum Remi, reality-based program), "Same Bed, Different Dreams -Jack of All Trades" (Platinum Remi, TV special-family/children), "Finding Genius" (Silver Remi, children's audience), "The Unanswered Question -The Case of the Mother and Two Sons, the Children's Confessions" (Silver Remi, investigative journalism), "The Last Judgment -Sorry For Being Your Mom" (Special Jury Award, documentary),

KFN won a Silver Remi for the documentary "15 Reasons Why I Killed Ito" and TBC's "Real Interview" won a Gold Remi in the interview category.