'The Korean Superboy' proves his resilience by fighting with fractured forearm

After a post-match X-ray, it was revealed that Choi Doo-Ho, had continued to fight in spite of fracturing his forearm in his fight against Canadian, Charles Jourdain

After the fight between Choi Doo-Ho, "The Korean Superboy" and Canadian star Charles Jourdain at the recently concluded UFC Busan, it came in the open that the former continued fighting even after sustaining a fractured forearm in the first night, which happened due to a powerful blow from Jourdain. The 28-year-old, Choi Doo-Ho eventually lost the fight to the 24-year-old Jourdain through a second-round TKO.

Choi's Impressive UFC Record Takes A Dive

Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White
Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White YouTube grab

"The Korean Superboy", whose record at the early stages of his career was 14-1, has now slumped to 14-4 after being defeated in his last three matches. Despite losing, Choi did bag a massive bonus as part of the 'Fight of the Night' award, as did his counterpart, Charles Jourdain.

UFC President, Dana White decided on rewarding Jourdain with the same bonus after the later tweeted him saying "Uncle Dana, I would love that $50k bonus to move out of my parents' basement." The tweet garnered much attention, with a lot of fans choosing to retweet Jourdain's message, and urging Dana White to grant the Canadian the same bonus as Choi.

Choi Proves Time Spent Away From Octagon Was Insignificant

Although this was Choi's first match in close to 23 months, he seemed pretty solid right from the beginning, and if it wasn't for a few well-timed counterattacks from Jourdain, the South Korean could have very well ended up winning the fight with his incredible resilience.

As a matter of fact, "The Korean Superboy" even landed a punch on Jourdain, that caused the Canadian to drop to the mat. It was only after an X-ray that was taken over the weekend after the fight, that revealed "The Korean Superboy" had fractured his forearm. Choi along with American MMA fighter, Frankie Edgar, are expected to be out of the UFC for the next six months after being handed medical suspensions at UFC Busan.