Korean stars Rain and Kim Tae-hee are now married

Rain's agency says that the couple will soon unveil their wedding pictures.

Rain and Kim Tae Hee
Rain and Kim Tae Hee ties the knot in a private ceremony in Seoul. Pinterest

Korean pop idol Rain tied the knot with actress Kim Tae-Hee on Thursday in a small, private ceremony in central Seoul. The couple dated for more than four years.

The wedding, held at Gahoe-dong Cathedral, was attended by only family members and a few close friends and celebrities such as "Gangnam Style" hitmaker Psy and Park Jin-young, who is also known as JYP. On the occasion of the couple's marriage, In Park sang "Only You," the song, which he had written in dedication to his own wife.

Park also shared a photo of himself on Instagram with the newlywed couple to wish them the best. On the caption to his sweet photo with the couple Park Joon Hyung writes, "Hey lil bro I wish you and your new bride a happy and loving journey with all of God's blessings! BBBAAAMMM!!!"

Rain's agency said on Thursday that Rain and Kim will soon unveil their wedding pictures, along with a public announcement. The couple's agencies also added that they will not begin their honeymoon anytime soon and they will establish their home at Rain's current residence.

The preparations for the high-profile wedding were carried out secretly and the reports said the guests were notified of the place and time only on the day of the wedding. Before the ceremony, the venue was guarded by private security guards and the reporters were blocked from getting a glimpse of the superstar couple.

Rain, who has been dating Kim since 2012, first revealed his engagement to his wife on Tuesday. "I am ready to be a good husband and a man as the head of a household. She (Kim) stood by me through thick and thin," The Korean Herald quoted him to have written. "She's the greatest gift of all," Rain added.