Kim Bo Ra confirmed that she is dating Jo Byung-gyuInstagram/kim_bora95/
Kim Bo Ra confirmed that she is dating Jo Byung-gyu Instagram/kim_bora95/

South Korean actress Kim Bo Ra and South Korean actor Jo Byung Gyu have confirmed that they are dating. The two got close when they worked together in the hit JTBC drama, SKY Castle.

Their love story came to light after Korean media outlet The Fact shared some photos of the two together on late-night dates. Though the two initially denied the reports, their agencies have now revealed that they are in a romantic relationship indeed.

Kim Bo Ra's agency Moment Entertainment stated: "After checking with [Kim Bo Ra], we learned that she began dating Jo Byeong Gyu at the beginning of this month."

Adding on, Jo Byeong Gyu's agency HB Entertainment shared: "He began dating Kim Bo Ra at the beginning of February."

The 23-year-old actress also personally released a statement, thanking her fans for the support and encouragement. She shared, according to Soompi: "I saw the reports after I received a phone call from my agency's director. As soon as I saw them, I could only think about how to tell the story to my fans. I apologize for startling my fans who have been supporting me for the past 15 years."

"[Jo Byeong Gyu and I] became close colleagues through the drama. We naturally developed feelings for each other while keeping in contact after the drama, and we started dating at the beginning of February."

"[While] I have so many things I want to discuss with you, I'm thankful that you guys sent me words of encouragement after the news broke out today. Thank you for supporting us, and I'm very sorry to have surprised you," she shared.