Korean star Gong Yoo talks about his zombie flick

Gong Yoo rejected the role of Captain Yoo Si Jin in the record breaking series Descendants of the Sun

The most expensive Korean movie till date, Train to Busan, hit the big screen on July 20. The zombie apocalypse thriller film, starring actor Gong Yoo, is doing incredibly well at box office as far as story line and the earnings are concerned.

Recently, the star behind the epic Korean zombie flick, Yoo, appeared on Newsroom to promote the film. The actor shared his filming experience and talked about MERS virus, which was quite prevalent in Busan during the movie's shoot schedule. The 37-year-old star asserted, "Because the theme of the movie revolves around an epidemic, the MERS virus felt scarier at the time I was filming the movie. Everybody was extra cautious during filming because the patients infected with MERS virus were in Busan."

"As precautionary measures everyone wore masks and checked their body temperatures regularly," Yoo added.

The award winning actor, who rejected the role of Captain Yoo Si Jin in the record breaking series Descendants of the Sun, further revealed that the concept of the movie scared him big time. He said that working with zombie characters was hair-raising. "There were so many times when a zombie used to catch up to me while filming. I heard the director yell cut and stood in place, but the zombie actors behind me couldn't hear it and kept running after me. There are lots of behind-the-scenes videos of me looking pretty stupid."

Gong Yoo also talked about his decade old hit drama, Coffee Prince. When asked if things have changed in the 10 year time span, the actor, whose real name is Gong Ji Chul said, "I've grown more apprehensive. I have these ambitions that I don't want to lose sight of. I become self critical about the things I try to change about myself as I grow older and more knowledgeable."