Korean Singer and YouTuber BIGJO Dies During Surgery

Singer and YouTuber BIGJO passed away after suffering health complications on Wednesday, 6 January. He was aged 43 and died while undergoing surgery.

Korean Singer and YouTuber BIGJO dies
Singer and Youtuber Bigjo passes away. Holladang Facebook Page

A report on Edaily has claimed that BIGJO was declared dead at a hospital in Seoul at 6.20 pm KST on 6 January. He is survived by his mother. The news was announced by a producer who had worked with him in the past.

BIGJO was a popular YouTuber in Korea. The rapper was promoted with Holladang band for eight years and known for songs like 'Energy Drink' and 'One Better.' His appearance had caught the attention of the netizens.

However, he had decided to stop his YouTube activities due to health issues. His weight had created health complications. "When he debuted, he weighed nearly 250kg, but he had frequent health issues such as inflammation at that time. He was hospitalized after gaining weight again. Due to the inflammation, there was a problem with his organs and he was bleeding so he went to get surgery, but the bleeding couldn't be stopped, and he passed away.

"BIGJO only has his mother left for family, and right now she isn't in the condition [to take care of matters]. The funeral proceedings haven't been decided yet." Koreaboo website quotes the producer as saying.

Korean Singer and YouTuber BIGJO
BIGJO. Holladang Facebook Page

As per the report, he was having breathing-related issues, diabetes and kidney-related issues. So, he had planned to undergo a tracheostomy. Netizens are now sharing their condolence messages on social media sites.

A user tweeted, "I don't know him but may he rest in peace. [sic]" Another netizen posted, "May he be with the angels rest in peace."

This article was first published on January 6, 2021