Men Brutally Beat Up Taxi Driver For Asking Them to Wear Mask [VIRAL VIDEO]

A large number of South Koreans are refusing to wear masks due to the summer heat.

A video of a group of men beating up a taxi driver in Gangnam in South Korea is going viral on social media. The taxi driver was assaulted for asking passengers to wear masks.

South Korea is facing many crime-related incidents with regard to wearing masks. Especially the bus and taxi drivers are either the victims or the ones assaulting others in the matter of wearing masks. This incident going viral on social media occurred on July 6 at Gangnam District in Seoul, South Korea. The news was first reported by News Channel A on July 8.

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In the video, it can be seen that a group of men are trying to get into the taxi without masks. Noticing this, the driver asked them to wear masks. The four men got angry and are seen grabbing the taxi driver by the collar and hitting him on the back of his head.

Watch the video here:

Taxi Driver Suffers Severe Injuries

The four men attacked the taxi driver taking turns and after a while also started kicking him. The men did not stop assaulting the taxi driver even when a bypasser questioned them.

When the bypasser asked the men the reason behind beating up the driver they said that bad taxi drivers need a beating. However, they continued to beat him up. This has resulted in the taxi driver suffering severe injuries and he needs at least two weeks of hospitalization to recover.

A case has been booked by the Gangnam police in this regard. The cops are already questioning two men who are seen assaulting the taxi driver and the investigation is on.

Summer Heat Unbearable?

Wearing masks is mandatory in South Korea, especially while getting into public transport and taxis. But people are seen flouting the rules every now and then, causing trouble for others who follow the rule.

The main reason why people are refusing to wear masks in South Korea is said to be the summer heat. People are complaining that wearing masks make them uncomfortable in this hot season. According to the Yonhap news agency, at least 840 cases related to masks have been filed in June alone. Most cases are of people refusing to wear masks while traveling in public transport, resulting in fights with bus drivers.

Currently, at least 43 people are facing legal action for not wearing masks, said the news agency.

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