Korean dramas gaining popularity worldwide, experts explain why

According to expert people like seeing drama with swings of emotions, tragic situations and humour.

Gong Yoo and Kim Go-eun.
Actors Gong Yoo and Kim Go-eun on the set of 'Goblin.' youtube.com/tvN DRAMA

Korean dramas are gradually gaining popularity worldwide with more people watching them across the world. The increase in popularity is evident from the impressive stats in viewership produced by one of the top streaming sites for Kdramas, DramaFever. Recently, experts have come up with an explanation to shed light on what makes K-dramas so addictive.

According to a data analytics company comScore, it was reported that DramaFever had 2.4 million individual visitors in November 2016 alone. Mirae Asset Daewoo's analyst, Jee-hyun Moon gives an insight as to why K-dramas are gaining popularity and is so addictive.

Jee-hyun Moon said, "In the Hallyu trend, the major genre is drama. Films and variety shows can be popular, but the lifespans of these shows are shorter."

Moon also stated that drama is the key to success and as it portrays the fashion, the culture and the stunning sceneries of the country it entices the fans. The attractive star cast is like icing on the cake.

Fans gradually become so addicted that they don't even realize that they are looking for the drama. They crave for the swings of emotions, tragic situations, humours, life mottos, even the drastic situations.

It doesn't really matter if the episodes are long or time-consuming, it ends up becoming a much-needed dose for the fans. It is so addicting that if you've finished one, you would soon find yourself looking for more.

Well, fans can have different reasons as to why they are absolutely in love with the dramas but one thing is for sure, K-dramas are emerging into the global spotlight. Not only Korean dramas the whole entertainment industry is rapidly achieving global popularity.

This article was first published on February 27, 2017