Lee Sung Min, Gong Yoo
Lee Sung Min (left) and Gong Yoo Photos: Lotte Entertainment and Management Soop

Lee Sung Min and Gong Yoo bagged the first two places in the brand reputation rankings of Korean movie stars for May 2017.

From April 18 to May 19, the Korea Institute for Corporate Reputation analyzed 65.91 million pieces of big data of Korean film stars and measured consumer participation, media, communication and community indices.

Lee Sung Min topped the ranking with a score of 3.65 million. He caught attention because of the success of his movie "The Sheriff in Town," which has earned $17.67 million since its release in Korea on May 3.

Popular actor Gong Yoo of the "Train to Busan" and "Goblin" fame took second place with 3.59 million while Lee Sung Min's co-star in "Sheriff," Cho Jin-woong, placed third with 3.21 million.

Siwan of boy band ZE:A, whose movie "The Merciless" was released in Korea and will be screened at the Cannes Film Festival, was fourth with 3.09 million followed by Yoo Ah In with 2.83 million; Sol Kyung Gu, 2.63 million; Kim Sung Kyun, 2.54 million; Park Sung Woong, 2.54 million; Lee Byung Hun, 2.39 million; and Kim Soo Hyun, 2.33 million.

The 11th to 25th places went to:

11. Choi Min Sik - 2.17 million

12. Kim Hee Won - 2.16 million

13. Lee Jung Jae - 2 million

14. Ahn Jae Hong - 1.91 million

15. Go Soo - 1.76 million

16. Lee Sun Gyun - 1.71 million

17. Jung Woo Sung - 1.71 million

18. Park Chul Min - 1.67 million

19. Kim Joo Hyuk - 1.64 million

20. Jun Ji Hyun- 1.61 million

21. Kang Dong Won - 1.23 million

22. Kim Hye Soo - 1.16 million

23. Shin Ha Gyun - 1.12 million

24. Son Ye Jin - 1.06 million

25. Lee Kyung Young - 1.04 million