Korea Tourism Organization deletes Seolhyun pictures from its website

AOA's Seolhyun's is an ambassador for Korean tourism.

The Korea Tourism Organization has deleted pictures of AOA's Seolhyun from its official website and social media accounts. It has been speculated that the 21-year-old singer's lack of historical knowledge prompted the tourism board to remove her images from the website.

Seolhyun, who is one of the ambassador for Korean tourism along with actor Lee Min Ho, has been criticised for her inability to identify a prominent Korean historical figure. However, amidst all the controversy, the Visit Korea Committee released a statement clarifying the deletion of the singer's images. The note on Allkpop read: "We don't have plans to change the PR ambassador yet. Seolhyun has been appointed to talent donation. Her photos being deleted doesn't have anything to do with the ambassadors changing."

During a recent broadcast of Onstyle's Channel AOA, Seolhyun and her AOA counterpart Jimin were given a task to fill names corresponding to the portraits of some influential people in Korea. Despite using their smartphones and hints from the host, the girls struggled for right answers. Following the incident, netizens questioned Seolhyun's role as the country's brand ambassador.

Meanwhile, embarrassed on her act, the singer had already expressed her apologies on social media accounts. She wrote: "I should have shown dignified behavior regarding the history, but I had failed to do so, which made me realize many things, and I am self-reflecting."

She added: "I am embarrassed regarding what happened, and I am feeling deeply apologetic toward the people who felt uncomfortable by it. The things that have been said to me all this time I will keep secured in my heart and will work hard in order to show a more prudent image."