Kong Case: Artistic edge to simple suitcase

Richard Orlinski

Amidst the COVID 19 crisis, businesses have taken a heavy hit. Trying to survive to keep their sales and customers intact, a lot of businesses have taken their venture online by being fascinated by interactive technology. The e-commerce platform has given a steady flow of remuneration to many and has turned out to be a very successful platform.

Richard Orlinski, an artist, a musician, a sculptor, and a dreamer is busy in realizing and constantly working on his dreams. The contemporary French artist of international renown was working on his online retail website for quite a while now. Driven by the desire to make art accessible to all, the artist decides to launch an e-shop on which will be offered several capsule collections of accessible products, thus registering as a logical extension of his approach. Richard Orlinski unveiled a collection of figurines representing the most emblematic works of his bestiary as well as many products inspired by his universe.

His first product, The Kong Case, sold out in less than an hour! the French artist comes once again to challenge the codes of a market that wants to be elitist to assert his vision of art and thus share it with the greatest number. The exquisite Kong Case signifies his artistic approach towards life in the simplest of things, a suitcase with an innovative design from which emerges its emblematic Kong. Imagined by French artist Richard Orlinski, The Kong Case has a unique and innovative design: open mouth, the iconic Wild Kong by Richard Orlinski arises from the suitcase! Designed in ABS, this cabin size suitcase has a double adjustable tube trolley (360 ° wheel system) and a reinforced carrying handle. On the storage side, the Kong Kase suitcase consists of a double compartment with textile lining as well as butterfly straps. No wonder it goes out of stock in less than an hour. With such a high demand for such an exquisite piece, the best-selling French sculptor has left people drooling over his Shiny Black Beauty, Kong Case.

With his unconventional and untamable artistic creativity, this contemporary artist does not hesitate to associate his image with prestigious partners who give him carte blanche in his creative process and allow him to continue to push even further in his desire to bring art into our daily lives, he turned an ordinary suitcase to The Kong Case giving it an artistic look.

This project is part of the artist's approach which aims to democratize art by making it accessible to as many people as possible. Each month, the artist will make an appointment for an online sale of an ephemeral new product on his newly launched e-commerce platform to reach out to masses.

The launch of this first collection of products by Richard Orlinski allows the contemporary artist to go even further in his desire to place art at the heart of our daily lives. His idea Kong Case has been nothing but a successful and artistic venture, which sold out in less than an hour.