Komal Patel: Even small changes can raise awareness

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Komal Patel

Art and artists have been an integral part to participate and spread the word on issues all across the world. Current issues like fight against global warming, save natural environment, and inclusivity and accessibility for people of all abilities where artists actively spreading the word through their art. There are various organizations working towards spreading awareness, creating new opportunities, and promoting artists across the globe for the same. One such initiative which is trying to make a small change and raise awareness is "Art and ability". The core value of this initiative is to create "ripple effect" and spread awareness amongst people through art on various global issues.

Can art bring the change?

An art enthusiast and self-taught artist from India Komal Patel is behind this concept. Her core value is to create a difference no matter how small that can create awareness, promote or enhance the knowledge of a person in art. An Occupational therapist by profession she uses art as a medium to help her clients to express and promote their creativity. She believes art is not bound by physical limitation and every person can create art regardless of their physical and mental abilities. However, they do not get recognition as often as they deserve. Hence, with this concept at the core , she started a project to create awareness about artists with disabilities called "Art and Ability". Even in this day and age there are very few artists living with disabilities or their art get promoted. The foundation behind Art and ability is to create awareness and empower people with disability at the same time create a platform where people with different abilities can display their work of art.

Komal Patel is self-taught artist from Gujarat, India has been active in art since 2012. She has participated in a various art exhibitions in India and the USA on global level. She is also an author of two books to help emerging artist learn basic concepts in art. In April 2022 Global art competition and exhibition was Organized by Art impact international and Sponsored by Art for Good cause, with the theme " save habitat, save the planet". This was an initiative to spread awareness and save natural environment and habitat. This event was inspired by Earth day, 2022 celebration. Komal Patel was one of the juror of this competition and exhibition. This Global competition bagged over 100 paintings from all over the world and was huge success with artists working in various media and style of work came together to spread awareness on this issue.

Art is a powerful tool that can create impact on the people of all age, culture and inspire the society to do better as a whole. Komal Patel believes that through art, the basic concept, as well as a person's point of view, can be influenced which can create positive impact on their and others' lives. To know more about Komal Patel please visit https://komalpatelart.com/ to check out her artworks.

In upcoming years Art and ability is planning to organize global art competition for people with different abilities to help raise awareness and make a change.

This article was first published on July 15, 2022