Koeing - Creating History in IT Training for Decades


Information Technology or IT has become an eminent part of our lives today. You will find the use of IT in educational centers, financial sectors, and many other places. To manage the IT systems in the right way, the demand for IT professionals is inflating with the passing days.

But it takes a lot to become a successful IT professional. The world and technologies are changing at a much faster pace. Hence, professionals need to stay updated with the latest happenings to secure a safer career in the current market. Koeing helps such individuals in getting the required certificate in the desired technology.

Mr. Rohit Agarwal and Koeing

Mr. Rohit Agarwal is responsible for the existence of Koeing today. He came up with the idea of opening this company in 1983 in Patel Nagar, Delhi. The company did not see a good kick start due to the existence of different IT training centers then. It was the time when different IT training companies were coming up. Mr. Agarwal even faced the trouble of paying salaries to his employees on time in the initial phase. But he did not lose hope and kept on motivating his team. Now they have reached a position where they are one of the best IT institutes in the country.

Though the company was slowly and steadily climbing the success stairs, it had to face several speed breakers too. It was the first recession of the year 2000. Then, it was the oil crisis situation of the year 2015. These incidents had an extremely negative impact on the operations of Koeing. Again, in the year 2020, the COVID pandemic came up as a bone breaker for the company along with many other companies throughout the world.

But the team of Mr. Rohit Agarwal stood up to the test of time and evolved as an even stronger team than before.

Success Story of Koeing

Now with more than 25 years of experience, Koeing has become a global leader in IT training. Some of the advantages that the team offers to its students are personalized training, flexible dates, and best value. By now Mr. Agarwal's company Koeing has secured a reputed place in the industry with more than 5 lac students and more than 35 authorizations.

Koeing has joined hands with several partners to enhance its strengths. Some of them are Microsoft, CISCO, AWS, Oracle, ISACA, and many more. With the help of these partners, it is able to offer more than 2000 courses to its students with fully automated operations and in-house labs.

The team at Koeing has succeeded in winning over some of the best-known clients in the industry. HCL, Cognizant, Dell, and Capgemini are some of the clients that they have. With the passing time, there are more reputed names that will surely keep on adding up to their feather hat.

Mr. Rohit Agarwal has been an inspiration for many such individuals who break down after failure. The company Koeing is a bright example of how the waves of challenges thrashed it, still, the team survived and came up successful over time.