Kodi Gvideo links not working? Google may have removed them

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Some Kodi users recently have been complaining about the Gvideo links that are not working. In a new report, it has been found out that Google may have taken down these links due to copyright issues.

Kodi Gvideo links are some of the popular HD links in Kodi add-ons, and in some cases, these links do not work properly for some reasons. Recently though, many users have encountered issues with these links that seem beyond the control of Kodi and the developers.

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On Monday, December 18, KodiTips has found out that Google could have made a clean-up again, eliminating these links,

"It appears that Google has done another copyright sweep of its video service, deleting a large number of Kodi GVideo links again. If you are seeing that no GVideo links are working in Kodi, this is why," explains KodiTips' report.

Gvideo has been the go-to web host for Kodi users because it is powered by Google and has one of the biggest server networks, which is ideal for large HD files. In addition, Gvideo upload and download speeds are higher than other free hosts, delivering faster uploads and buffer-free streaming.

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Since Gvideo links are hosted by Google, they are more vulnerable to DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) requests. Hence, finding Gvideo links not working likely means official copyright owners have requested these links to be taken down.

Unfortunately, there is nothing Kodi or anyone else can do about it. Kodi users might just have to wait for alternatives to become available.

This article was first published on December 19, 2017