G-Dragon 2017 World Tour streaming on Kocowa
G-Dragon 2017 World Tour streaming on Kocowa Facebook

Thanksgiving is here and Kocowa, the Korean entertainment streaming platform, is bringing the biggest surprise to K-pop fans in America. The site, for the first time, will broadcast exclusive footage from Korean pop star G-Dragon's 2017 World Tour Act III, M.O.T.T.E. concert, globally.

This holiday season is loaded with other bombshells for K-pop and K-wave fans as on November 20, Kocowa has announced that it will celebrate K-Pop content in its November program line-up.

Kocowa is a new streaming platform launched this summer to watch popular Korean TV programs in English, which includes drama, variety shows and K-pop shows.

Kocowa was formed with the collaboration of three leading Korean broadcasters: KBS, SBS and MBC. The site is available in North and South America.

The site plans to increase the number of Korean music programs as part of the programming strategy.

The craze for Korean entertainment is growing exponentially, amounting to more than 35 million K-pop and K-Wave fans globally. Famous Korean groups like BTS, PSY, Girl's Generation, G-Dragon have already made their marks resulting in a huge fan following in the U.S.

Just recently, K-pop sensation BTS made their debut at the 2017 American Music Awards and the rage for K-pop has increased even more as BTS became the most searched keyword on Google globally after the awards ceremony.

In September, Kocowa started streaming 'Weekly Idol', one of the most popular K-pop programs in Korea. The weekly program invites pop groups as guests. Famous groups like BTS, Big Bang and Girl's generation have appeared on the show.

Another show called 'Show! Champion' which is also a music show hosted by comedian Kim Shin-Young featuring famous K-pop groups and personalities is available on Kocowa.

The platform also brings famous Korean K-pop stars directly to U.S screens. Currently, the platform is streaming The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project, hosted by Rain, one of biggest stars in South Korea.

Rain at a press release for The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project
Rain at a press release for The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project Facebook

"K-Pop is one of Korea's most successful export products. Korean musicians have become a cultural force on the world stage. The music genre captures the lifestyle of Korea's youth. It is a perfect fit for the Kocowa platform, as we bring the biggest contemporary entertainment Korean stars, including G-Dragon, to U.S. screens," said Jeongsik Kim, CEO of Kocowa.

"K-Pop content has become a key pillar of our programming strategy to cater to the increasing demand for K-pop shows", Jeongsik added.

The holiday program line up, other than K-pop programs, brings a slate of upcoming dramas like Two Cops, She's Not a Robot?!, Money Flower, Judge vs. Judge, and more. Part of the variety show programming is Yo-! Welcome to Korea and Little Too Crazy.

"I believe K-pop contents is the power that fuels Kocowa's platform and our engagement with Kocowa fans on social channels, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Based on viewer data, we increased the number of our TV programs starring K-pop singers, such as WANNACITY, Weekly Idol, and It's Dangerous Beyond the Blankets, as part of our strategy," elaborated Jeongsik Kim, CEO of Kocowa.

Other upcoming dramas in the list, starring K-pop stars, are While You Were Sleeping with Suzy, Man Who Sets the Table with SNSD's Soo-Young and the hit series School 2017 with Gugudan Kim Se-Jeong.

K-dramas on Kocowa
K-dramas on Kocowa Facebook

This holiday season, fret no more, America! Watch your favourite k-pop and k-drama stars and Korean entertainment programs on Kocowa.

Stay tuned for more updates.