Ko So-young on her comeback TV drama project, raising a family

Her comeback project was the TV drama "Perfect Wife," which aired from February to May this year in South Korea.

Ko So-young
Ko So-young KBS

Actress Ko So-young and actor Jang Dong-gun got married in 2010 but since 2007, she had not made any TV or film project. Her comeback project was the TV drama "Perfect Wife," aired from February to May this year in South Korea but she is still wary.

She said she was worried about coming back to the public eye after 10 years. "I felt anxious and afraid. Now I feel less burdened, like I've finished a homework assignment. Now that I'm working again, I feel energetic. I am not saying that I want to regain popularity. I want to be part of a family and also build my career," she told Ilgan Sports and Korea JoongAng Daily.

She said her "mindset has changed from the past." "Back then, I didn't have to try hard to appear in movies, but now it's different. A lot of actors and actresses nowadays are really active, like personally meeting the directors."

When the TV drama ended, she said she "wanted to rest and do nothing." "This year was the year that my older son entered elementary school, and at first, there are a lot of things to look after. So I spent a lot of time with my kids," she said.

As a mother, Ko So-young said she's like other moms who wonder "what I should cook for dinner. I always go out grocery shopping myself, and I don't make my husband do the grocery shopping because he buys the wrong stuff."

She has learned to deal with the health of her kids. "A few years ago, I would freak out when my kids would catch a cold. Now I think that there is no need to be frantic about those things. Instead of being overprotective, I want them to have a normal life," she explained.

Their children know that their parents are well-known celebrities. "I think the kids know that they are not like everybody else. After coming home from school, my son said that there was a friend at school who knew his father's name. I explained to my son that, that's because we appear on TV. Even before they went to school, I told my kids that because we are celebrities, we have to behave well," she added.

She is currently studying scenarios of movies and TV dramas. "I want to choose work in which the story is good until the end. There are also some variety programs that I'm thinking about. I'm a bit worried that I might not be as funny," she said.