Klaus movie review: This is what twitterati say about Netflix's new Christmas comedy film

Netflix's first Spanish movie Klaus, which is directed by Sergio Pablos, has got positive review from audience, who say that it is the best Christmas animation film ever made

Director Sergio Pablos' Spanish animated movie Klaus, which was released on Netflix on November 8, has garnered positive reviews from the audience, who are now recommending their followers to watch the movie. It's a comedy film by director Sergio Pablos, who has written the script and dialogues in association with Zach Lewis and Jim Mahoney. The movie starring Jason Schwartzman, Rashida Jones, JK Simmons and Joan Cusack, has been produced by SPA Studios with support from Aniventure.

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Klaus movie story line

This Christmas comedy film deals with a fictional story about the origin of Santa Claus' myth. Jesper (Schwartzman) is a young man from a wealthy family who is in the postal business. He is a selfish brat and has no life ambitions whatsoever. In a bid to teach him hard work, his father makes him a postman in a town to the North. How he befriends a reclusive toy-maker Klaus and becomes a successful man forms the crux of the story.

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Heartwarming narration

Sergio Pablos' team has penned a beautiful and great story and his narration is heartwarming and sure to make you cry and laugh. It is definitely the best Christmas animation movie that ever made and the gorgeous art, spectacular animation, the nuanced characters and heartfelt story are highlights of the film, say Twitterati after watching the film on Netflix.

Klaus movie review

We bring you some viewers' response to the film shared on Twitter. Scroll down to see the audience's verdict:

Jorge R. Gutierrez @mexopolis

Aside from the gorgeous art, spectacular animation, the nuanced characters and heartfelt story, my favorite thing about Klaus is that it took a Spaniard with an crazy internacional crew and the support of Netflix to lovingly push our art form to the past and future at once.

JAB @JABcomix

I loved #KlausNetflix. Sergio Pablos has managed to expand the myth of Santa in a way better than most Christmas movies. During my career in animation, I had the pleasure of working under Sergio. He's a great person that deserves all the success in the world. Go see his film!

Melrose @roziantya

I thought it's just another average Christmas movie at first, and I was wrong. It's incredible, great story telling and heartwarming. Definitely the best Christmas animation movie that ever made. #KlausNetflix

Diana Davidsson @Omegasama_art

Watching #KlausNetflix and I've cried and cried. This movie is stunning and beautiful and I absolutely love it. All of you who have worked on this film, you have truly created a masterpiece. Thank you so much for this gift of a movie. #Klaus #klausmovie

Chris @ SOLARSKI STUDIO @SolarskiStudio

Watched it this afternoon. After #IntoTheSpiderVerse and now #TheKlausMovie, seems like a new era of animation, blending the boundary between 2D illustration and 3D. Every frame a masterpiece. Loved it!

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Mburia Evans @mburiae

One of the best movies I've watched this year, amazing story #Netflix #theklausmovie

LBRN @Liberion_

#theklausmovie on #netflix is fantastic. Beautiful all around. Thank you for @TheSPAStudios for a very enjoyable movie!

Dice Tsutsumi @tonkohouse

I got to see #KlausNetflix in a theater today. This may be the best animated feature of 2019 for me. The production value holds up well with any big studio films but it's by far the most original. And the heartwarming story stands strong by its stunning visuals. Bravo!

Nathalie ✨ @nathvods

I LOVE HER!!! this whole film is the prettiest thing i've seen in a longgg time #Klaus #klausmovie #KlausNetflix

Elleneff LNF @Elleneff

Totally. A beautifully observed and told story and beautifully conveyed. #KlausNetflix #klausmovie is totally #oscar worthy. It's stunning


Heads-up for fat folks watching #Klausmovie. It depicts some fatphobic character designs (the old "fat people —especially women— as huge, mindless beasts" trope) It's a really beautiful movie otherwise and I truly loved it, but I really wish that part hadn't caught me off-guard

Gary Andrews @GaryScribbler

Sat watching #KlausNetflix and it touches on loss and grief. I'm wondering how Ben will take it and he turns to me with this sensitive and empathetic comment. What an amazing moment it was. #doodleaday #widowerlife #lovelyboy @winstonswish @thegriefcast

This article was first published on November 20, 2019