KJ VanDerwerken Opens Up New Vista of Investment Opportunities in Real Estate, Insurance Sectors

KJ VanDerwerken

Carving out his own place as an investment expert in the businesses of real estate and insurance in the Charlotte area, KJ VanDerwerken today is a known entity having bagged several coveted corporate awards.

The founder and CEO of VanDerwerken Properties, Movement Insurance, and Locker Room CLT, VanDerwerken received several awards as a recognition of his business acumen and helping others create wealth.

These top awards and prizes include the Charlotte Agenda - 30 under 30, Award Winner class of 2018, Elevate Lifestyle - Charlotte 30 under 30, Award Winner class of 2018, Five Star Professional Award Winner - Home/Auto Insurance (2014, 2015, 2020, 2021) and RISE Award Winner, 2020.

This award tally proves his entrepreneurial achievements thus setting an example for the young people who too want to be achievers in life like him. No wonder, he has been interviewed by a number of media outfits besides being followed on social media by a large number of men and women.

Pioneering the investment principle of long-term gain with the tag of regular generation of income through real estate business that yields monthly rents on properties, VanDerwerken plunged into business at a young age in 2012.

The business acumen of VanDerwerken found its expression during the spells of frequent lockdowns caused by the outbreak of COVID-19 as he converted this downturn into an opportunity in the real estate and insurance business.

He cashed upon the situation to help people rehab and relocate homes for higher profit through his corporate outfit Movement Insurance helping over 4,000 clients. This helped him gross a turnover of an impressive $4,000,000.

This business acumen helped him, as of January 2022, a person with a net worth of $2,500,000.

On being asked by the media what his take on entrepreneurial ventures was, VanDerwerken said: A person with good education should have passion and zeal to achieve something big in life. This can be possible through entrepreneurial ventures which will offer them plenty of opportunities to show their innovativeness and reap its benefits.

VanDerwerken said as his father was in the insurance business throughout his life, he had been following it since childhood and finally plunged into it to achieve success.

Born in 1990 in Cobleskill, New York to Ken and Kari VanDerwerken, the entrepreneurial success came to him at an early age and it comes to fore when we find he purchased a house at the young age of just 22.

Subsequently, he launched his company VanDerwerken Properties. He also established himself as an expert on properties for rent giving exact advice to his clients in realty financial planning which helped them greatly.

Asked what should be the prudent financial planning for the realty sector, VanDerwerken says: For greater gain, there should be a short term and long term investment plan in realty as its market is subjected to fluctuations. Therefore, this particular strategy is ideal for the investors. It will help them create wealth and see regular generation of income from investment.

Currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina, VanDerwerken leads an active life often spending his spare time in the golf course or in almost every event of the Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Hornets and UNC Tar Heels. He has season tickets to both the Panthers and Hornets

His passion for sports began right in his childhood which spilled to his college days while moving to Charlotte, North Carolina to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Finance at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Of course, sportsmanship always helps in whatever field one delves and VanDerwerken undoubtedly blended his sportsman's spirit in his entrepreneurial career.

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